We have moved to 100 South Fifth Street – Suite 420 in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Accenture Tower

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Parking for the Fifth Street Towers is available in both the 100 Tower (where Palisade is located) and the 150 Tower depending on whether you approach from northbound Marquette Avenue or from southbound 2nd Avenue. If you park in the 100 Tower, the skyway level stop on the parking ramp elevators will take you directly to the elevator lobby serving the Palisade space. If you park in the 150 Tower, you will need to walk from the 2nd Avenue side of the skyway level to the Marquette Avenue side to gain access to the elevator lobby serving the Palisade space. More information about parking can be found here:

Light Rail:

Metro Transit Blue Line with service to and from Terminal 1-Lindbergh and Terminal 2- Humphrey stations:


Metro Transit Green Line with service to and from the University of Minnesota and St. Paul:


Light rail stations adjacent to Fifth Street Towers:

Government Plaza Station:

Nicollet Mall Station: