Investment Philosophy

High-quality individual securities are the core of Palisade’s investment philosophy. Our portfolios are constructed with investments that balance future growth prospects with resiliency and stability throughout market cycles. Reliable income streams and tax-efficiency are important considerations in our investment selection process. Our objective is to build and protect wealth across generations and provide financial comfort for our clients.

Investment Discipline

Palisade invests in the individual stocks of high-quality companies. These are industry-leading, recognizable companies with histories of consistent earnings and revenue growth. Generally, these companies pay dividends, and grow them steadily over time, providing a reliable source of income to our clients. The high-quality characteristics of these companies translates into greater stability during turbulent markets and lower volatility over time. We invest in companies for the long-term which leads to lower turnover and higher tax-efficiency.


Palisade structures portfolios to your income, liquidity, and growth requirements while managing risk to meet your comfort level. A combination of equity and fixed income securities are used to create a customized portfolio. Our disciplined process allows for flexibility to build portfolios around concentrated positions, low basis holdings, and other unique investment circumstances.